We Design, Engineer, Manufacture & Supply All Type of Conveyor Systems For Unit & Bulk Material Handling.

Belt Conveyor System

Belt Conveyors are most economical solution of transporting bulk materials at high rates over great distances. Belt conveyors are used for horizontal inclined and declined movement of loads. The belt is supported on rollers or on slider bedplate depending upon the need and applications. We design, manufacture following types of Belt Conveyors:

  • Flat Belt Conveyors
  • Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors
  • Troughed Belt Conveyors
  • Cleated &/or Sidewalled Conveyors
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Flat Belt Conveyor

Flat Belt Conveyor Systems are designed and manufactured to your specific requirements, whether it's a mezzanine floor Belt conveyor or a level belt conveyor. These type of conveyor systems are used mainly in:

  • Loading / Unloading Applications
  • Unit Transfers
  • Packaging & Warehouse Departments

Wire Mesh Belt Conveyors

Wire mesh belts come in wide range of types, from wide-gap honeycomb belts to tightly-knit chain belts. Both allow air (or liquids) to circulate around the products being conveyed, and hence can be used to ‘drain’ products, or to warm/cool them in transit. Wire Mesh conveyors are lighter-duty than their chain-mesh counterparts, and make a very cost-effective solution where the products being conveyed are relatively light.

Troughed Belt Conveyors

Troughed Belt conveyors are most widely used and efficient means of moving bulk materials. The belt is supported on slider deck or rollers mounted at 20°, 30° or 45°, two, three of five roller Troughed form.

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Cleated & Sidewalled Conveyors

Cleated & Side walled belt conveyors are commonly used to control product on a horizontal or steep incline conveying. The key attributes for these conveyors are the accuracy of the cleat spacing and durability of the cleat in the application. We the largest selection of cleats for cleated belt systems, including different heights and cleat angles. Also available are unique sidewall belts that, when combined with cleats, form a product pocket on the belt that prevents product spillage. This endures more consistent and efficient movement for the product. Cleated Conveyor Belt Options. Cleats come in a variety of sizes, shapes and can even be applied on an angle for improved product control.

Bucket Conveyors

Bucket Conveyors are designed to gently transport a variety of free flow Bulk materials in Dry, Semi-Dry Moist conditions. These units are extremely adaptable to deliver products to Multi Locations From Single or Multi Source of Supply through its variety of Discharge locations stations.

Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators offers a practical, efficient and economical means of elevating a wide variety of dry and free flowing bulk materials. Typical elevators consist of a series of buckets mounted on chain or belt and enclosed in steel casings. Mit-Mol Bucket Elevators are designed to cover practically every need in elevating loose bulk material. For every material there is a choice of one or more types and sizes which will serve your needs. We manufacture:

  • Continuous Type
  • Centrifugal Type
  • Perfect Discharge Type

Chain Conveyors

With years of experience in manufacturing and installing such equipments is well qualified to make reliable recommendations on chain conveyor. A chain conveyor consists of one or more endless chains that travel the entire conveyor path. Loads are carried directly on the chain links or on specially designed elements attached to the chain. We manufacture following types of Chain Conveyors.

  • Apron Chain
  • Pusher Chain
  • Plain Chain
  • Slat Chain
  • Pallet Chain
  • Rod Chain
  • Carrier Chain

Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors are the proper choice when you need to side load, push off accumulate a product or adjust pressure on carrying rollers Roller conveyor types are chain off, rollers. driven, belt driven, line shaft driven, accumulation, or non‐powered (gravity). Using roller conveyors instead of slider bed conveyors adds versatility to the type of transfers, diverters and stops that can be used in a system. Rollers are available in mild steel, galvanized, plastic or stainless steel.

  • Chain Driven Powered
  • Belt Driven Powered
  • Line Shaft Powered
  • Motor Roller Powered
  • Free Roller Gravity

Telescopic Conveyors

Telescopic systems,also known as Booms or extendable conveyors, will load/unload virtually any loose item quickly, safely and efficiently. By extending directly into the Truck / Trailor without the need of support we will significantly reduce load/unload times. Our systems are modern and robust in design to provide our users superior service and reliability.

  • Telescopic Roller Type
  • Boom Belt Type

Modular Flex Conveyors

Modular Flex conveyors can flex in all directions resulting in many applications possibilities Straight and curved sections can be combined into a single system and increase production efficiency. Elevate, accumulate, distribute, divert, flip, turn or push the products, we can easily do it by using our flex conveyors. Our Flex conveyors are sub categorized as:

  • Flush Grid Type
  • Slat Type


Escaveyor are ideal for moving loads up 1500kgs. vertically between two or more levels. Utilizing a top mounted geared motor the speed can be varied depending upon the capacity need. Positioning and over-travel limit switches assure proper conveyor positioning all the time.We can design, product movement configurations in Z Flow, C Flow, Right Angle Flow -- combination and can be reversible. All our Escaveyors are safely enclosed and Features include product sensing photoeye, safety tunnels at entry and exit points, fully guarded / & protected frames, all units ship completely assembled and prewired with all devices tied into a terminal strip in a junction box. Full PLC controls are available upon request.

  • Vertical Conveyors
  • Reciprocating Type

Drag Conveyors

Drag Conveyors are designed and engineered to provide long life and durability with minimum maintenance. Fully enclosed, dust‐tight, and quiet operations assures fast, gentle movement of bulk materials. Extra heavy chain features UHMW polyethylene faced flights for positive flow and reduced friction.

  • Flat Bottom
  • Round Bottom

Multidischarge Conveyors

Multiple discharge conveyors convey and elevate product to many locations, for example, feeding a number of packing or bagging machines. Also Multiple infeed points can be utilized in this design as well, creating a cost effective alternative to multiple conveying machines. Depending upon the nature of the product we manufacture following types of Multiple discharge conveyors:

  • MDC Screw Conveyors
  • MDC Drag Conveyors
  • MDC Bucket Conveyors
  • MDC Belt Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors are simple, robust in design and maintenance friendly, they provide a low cost, versatile conveying capability with many bulk solids handling applications in manufacturing and processing units. They are available in wide range of options to suit various requirements.

  • ‘U’ Trough Type
  • Tubular Type

Special Accessories / Products

  • Ribbon Blenders
  • Bulk Bag Dispensers
  • Rotary Airlocks
  • Knife Gates
  • Divertor Chutes
  • Merger Conveyors
  • Traffic Cops, Stoppers
  • Ball Tables
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